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Deric Wan Siu LUn Chung Shau Hong
Gallen Lo Ka Leung Ding Shin Bune
Jessica Hester Hsuan Ching Tin Nam
Anne Heung Hoi Lan Kwai Lai Fu
Michelle Ye Shun Ching Siu Yue
Tavia Yeung Yi Chung Chui Ye
Raymond Lam Fung Ding Shin Hung
Chun Pui Ding Wing Pong

Chung Tin Chi and Chung Tin Yan lost their parents at a young age, when the two young brothers were accidently separated, Chi mistakenly believed that Yan had died. Chi was later adopted by has aunt and uncle, he sees the two as his parents, and as to clear his bad luck from the past, his aunt and uncle changed his name for him to Chung Shau Hong (Deric Wan Siu Lun). From the influence of his uncle, Hong has developed a strong feeling of responsibility and righteousness towards the society. After graduation from university, Hong entered into the police force, and was later transferred into the special investigation squad.

Hong has always been clear of his black and white during duty, and does not agree with the existence of a "grey" area until he was assigned to investigate a certain case. Hong was suspected of taking the end, Hong is only able to proof his innocence from the help of Ding Shin Bune (Gallen Lo Ka Leung), someone who he has viewed as a bad person all along. This was a non the less a heavy impact on Hong, as someone he had perceived as a bad person is really a good person afterall, and the person who he as always respected, his colleague (his 'Si Hing') turns out to be the bad person who took the bribery! How can the lines be drawn for good, bad, black, and white?

Because of the case, Hong and Bune has become closer, and Hong also falls in love with the prosecutor of that case, Ching Ti Nam (Jessica Hester Hsuan), although he knows there is a special feeling between Bune and Nam, but he still hows the attitude of fair competition, and start to woo Nam. As Bune takes over his family business, he is than entered into the conflict of the 'gong wu' (gangs), Hong believes that Bune is a dangerous person as he is moving between both the black and white sides, Hong officially marks his line with Bune. Hong vows to arrest Bune for his wrong doings, but does not know that Bune is actually his elder brother (they were separated at childhood), nor did he know that Bune deliberately kept his distance from Nam. Hong and Nam enter into a relationship, he later discovers that Nam has not forgotten Bune, and can't keep from becoming jealous. As Hong love Nam very much, he rather not disclose it, and hopes to one day move Nam with his love. For a legal case against Kwai Lai Fu (Anne Heung Hoi Lan), Bune pointed out Nam's feelings him, this hear Hong's pride and feelings, Hong had no choice, but to break up with Nam, at the same time his conflict with Bune also slowly clearing.

On the other end, Nam's younger sister, Ching Siu Yue (Michelle Ye Suen), has always secretly admired Hong, which Hong has never known, but only took care of her as his staff out of his love for her sister, Nam. After Hong's separation with Nam, he still seems to be at times close, but distance with Yue, who has always secretly admired him, to be honest, is because Hong is still in love with Nam. Hong believes that is unfair to Yue to begin a second relationship at this time. Both remained good friends, during this time they had helped each other with their problems. Hong finally is able to clear his feelings, he than whole heartedly start a relationship with Yue.

Hong has always treated his cousin Chung Chui Ye (Tavia Yueng Ye) as his blood sister, loved, and cared very much for her. When he finds out that Ye and Ding Shin Hung (Raymond Lam Fung) are dating, at first he thought the two were only colleagues at the water park, he thought Hung was a good man with potentials. Until he found out that Hung was the Ding Wing Pong's (Chun Pui) son, with an extremely complicated family background, Hong out of love for Ye, afraid that she would get hurt, strongly opposed to Ye and Hung's relationship. For love, Ye was willing to take the risk, to keep Hong happy and out of conflict, she pretended to have split with Hung. In actual reality, the two are still secretly going out.

Hong and Bune's standings between good and bad have been carried on, Hong finally finds evidence that will put Bune in jail, he shockingly discovers that Bune is his brother! At the same time, he finds out Bune has been all along trying to clear his bad. Hong feels ashamed of himself, and cannot face Bune, he refrains from revealing their relationship. To help Bune proof his innocence, Hong pretends to partner with Hung to find Hung's criminal evidence. Bune as return his adoptive father for raising him, decides to take the charge for Hung. Hong is unwillingly arrest Bune, but at this time Hong feels highly honoured to have Bune as a brother, and reveals their relationship as brothers. As he had learned from Bune, the clear lines between good and bad.

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